93-182 Werner, R.F.
On the concentration of quantum states in phase space (38K, Plain TeX) Jun 17, 93
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Abstract. Let $E(x)$, for $x$ in a $2d$-dimensional phase space, be an irreducible Weyl system, and $\Phi:{\bf R}\sp+\to{\bf R}\sp+$ a convex function with $\Phi(0)=0$. We discuss the maximum of $\int dx\ \Phi\bigl(\vert\langle\phi,E(x)\psi\rangle\vert\sp2\bigr)$ with respect to unit vectors $\phi,\psi$. When $\Phi(t)=t\sp p$ with $1<p<\infty$ the maximum is attained if and only if $\phi$ and $\psi$ are coherent states with respect to the same quadratic form. We show that this statement is not correct for more general convex functions $\Phi$.

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