93-178 Jian-Sheng Wang, Peter Nielaba, Vladimir Privman
Locally Frozen Defects in Random Sequential Adsorption with Diffusional Relaxation (126K, TeX (plain), PostScript figures) Jun 15, 93
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Abstract. Random sequential adsorption with diffusional relaxation, of two by two square objects on the two-dimensional square lattice is studied by Monte Carlo computer simulation. Asymptotically for large lattice sizes, diffusional relaxation allows the deposition process to reach full coverage. The coverage approaches the full occupation value, 1, as a power-law with convergence exponent near 1/2. For a periodic lattice of finite (even) size L, the final state is a frozen random rectangular grid of domain walls connecting single-site defects. The domain sizes saturate at L**0.8. Prior to saturation, i.e., asymptotically for infinite lattice, the domain growth is power-law with growth exponent near, or possibly somewhat smaller than, 1/2.

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