93-122 Ruskai , M.B.
Improved Estimate on the Number of Bound States of Negatively Charged Bosonic Atoms (23K, Latex) May 11, 93
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Abstract. It is shown that the number of bound states of an atom whose ``electrons'' satisfy bosonic symmetry conditions is bounded above by $C_\beta (\log Z)^\kappa$ where, $\kappa$ and $C_\beta$ are constants, the nuclear charge $Z > Z_\beta$ for some constant $Z_\beta$ and the number of ``electrons'' $N$ satisifies $N > (1+\beta)Z + 1 $ with $ \beta > 0$. The constant $\kappa$ is universal, but $Z_\beta$ depends upon $\beta$ and $C_\beta$ is inversely proportional to a power of $\beta$.

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