93-12 Avron J.E., Seiler R., Simon B.
Charge Deficiency, Charge Transport and the Comparison of Dimensions (75K, TeX) Jan 21, 93
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Abstract. We study the relative index of two orthogonal infinite dimensional projections which, in the finite dimensional case, is the difference in their dimensions. We relate the relative index to the Fredholm index of appropriate operators, discuss its basic properties, and obtain various formulas for it. We apply the relative index to counting the change in the number of electrons below the Fermi energy of certain quantum systems and interpret it as the charge deficiency. We study the relation of the charge deficency with the notion of adiabatic charge transport that arises from the consideration of the adiabatic curvature. It is shown that, under a certain covariance (homogeneity) condition the two are related. The relative index is related to Bellissard's theory of the Integer Hall effect. For Landau Hamiltonians the relative index is computed explicitly for all Landau levels.

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