92-38 Magnen , Rivasseau , S'en'eor
Construction of $YM_{4}$ with an infrared cutoff (196K, TeX) Feb 25, 92
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Abstract. We provide a rigorous construction of the Schwinger functions of the pure SU(2) Yang-Mills field theory in four dimensions (in the trivial topological sector) with a fixed infrared cutoff but no ultraviolet cutoff, in a regularized axial gauge. The construction exploits the positivity of the axial gauge at large field. For small fields, a different gauge, more suited to perturbative computations is used; this gauge and the corresponding propagator depends on large background fields of lower momenta. The crucial point is to control (in a non-perturbative way) the combined effect of the functional integrals over small field regions associated to a large background field and of the counterterms which restore the gauge invariance broken by the cutoff. We prove that this combined effect is stabilizing if we use cutoffs of a certain type in momentum space. We check the validity of the construction by showing that Slavnov identities (which express infinitesimal gauge invariance) do hold non-perturbatively.

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