92-179 Easton R.E., Meiss J.D., Carver S.
Exit Times and Transport for Symplectic Twist Maps (480K, Microsoft Word 4.0 RTF Format (from Macintosh) with embedded) Nov 5, 92
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Abstract. The exit time decomposition of a set yields a description of the transport through the set as well as a visualization of the invariant structures inside it. We construct several sets, based on the ordering properties for orbits of twist maps, that are computationally easier to deal with than the construction of resonances. Furthermore these sets can be constructed for four and higher dimensional twist mappings. For the four dimensional case using the example of Froeshle we find "practically" invariant volumes surrounding elliptic fixed points. The boundaries of these regions are remarkably sharp, and apart from some "holes", the regions appear to be connected.

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