23-8 Fernando Marques de Almeida Nogueira
Generalized Differential and Integral Calculus and Heisenberg s Uncertainty Principle (1361K, LaTeX 2e with 2 PDF Figures) Mar 8, 23
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Abstract. This paper presents a generalization for Differential and Integral Calculus. Just as the derivative is the instantaneous angular coefficient of the tangent line to a function, the generalized derivative is the instantaneous parameter value of a reference function (derivator function) tangent to the function. The generalized integral reverses the generalized derivative, and its calculation is presented without antiderivatives. Generalized derivatives and integrals are presented for polynomial, exponential and trigonometric derivators and integrators functions. As an example of the application of Generalized Calculus, the concept of instantaneous value provided by the derivative is used to precisely determine time and frequency (or position and momentum) in a function (signal or wave function), opposing Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

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