23-48 Serena Dipierro, Giorgio Poggesi, Jack Thompson, Enrico Valdinoci
Quantitative stability for overdetermined nonlocal problems with parallel surfaces and investigation of the stability exponents (781K, pdf) Aug 21, 23
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Abstract. In this article, we analyze the stability of the parallel surface problem for semilinear equations driven by the fractional Laplacian. We prove a quantitative stability result that goes beyond that previously obtained in [MR4577340]. Moreover, we discuss in detail several techniques and challenges in obtaining the optimal exponent in this stability result. In particular, this includes an upper bound on the exponent via an explicit computation involving a family of ellipsoids. We also sharply investigate a technique that was proposed in [MR3836150] to obtain the optimal stability exponent in the quantitative estimate for the nonlocal Alexandrov's soap bubble theorem, obtaining accurate estimates to be compared with a new, explicit example.

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