22-50 A. Marqu s-Lobeiras, A. Pumari o, J. . Rodr guez and E. Vigil
Strictly invariant sets for 2-D tent maps: 2-D strange attractors (1438K, AMS-TeX) Sep 13, 22
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Abstract. We study the existence of maximal strictly invariant compact sets for a certain two-parameter family of Expanding Baker Maps (EBMs), called 2-D tent maps. If, in addition, these sets are minimal, then they will be attractors. Since EBMs are expansive, these attractors will be 2-D strange attractors provided that they have non-empty interior. The results and proposals stated in this work will be essential to prove the existence of 2-D strange attractors for the quadratic family Ta,b(x,y)=(a+y^2,x+ by). Such family appears as a family of limit return maps in the unfolding of certain generalized homoclinic tangencies of 3-D diffeomorphisms.

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