22-42 Vaibhav Kalvakota
Horizons, spin coefficients and gravitational entropy (370K, pdf) Aug 4, 22
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Abstract. The evolution of the universe is in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics, and following Penrose s hypothesis of describing cosmological evolution in the form of gravitational entropy via the Weyl curvature, there have been many proposals describing gravitational entropy using different formalisms. In this paper, we will use the spin coefficients formalism to gravitational entropy and understand its implications in terms of spacetimes with a horizon using a recent proposal [1]. Our particular interest is in the motivation towards horizons and the gravitational entropy for a given spacetime with a horizon. We will also look at a comparison with the CET proposal and the Weyl invariant based proposal in general, with emphasis on the formalism adopted and the results obtained for certain spacetimes.

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