22-29 Germano D'Abramo
Non-cosmological, non-Doppler relativistic frequency shift over astronomical distances (654K, PDF) Jun 5, 22
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Abstract. We investigate in detail an apparently unnoticed consequence of special relativity. It consists of time dilation/contraction and fre quency shift for emitted light affecting accelerated reference frames at astronomical distances from an inertial observer. The frequency shift is non-cosmological and non-Doppler in nature. We derive the main formulae and compare their predictions with the astronomical data available for Proxima Centauri. We found no correspondence with ob servations. Since the implications of the new time dilation/contraction and frequency shift are blatantly paradoxical, we do not expect to find one. By all indications, we are dealing with a genuine, and not a merely apparent, relativity paradox.

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