21-1 Syed Afsar Abbas
Ghost-like states and a new hidden indistinguishability principle, beyond the purview of the Pauli exclusion principle (153K, oner pdf files of the complete manuscript) Jan 9, 21
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Abstract. Indistinguishability of identical particles, manifested through entangle- ment, besides being essential in particle and nuclear physics, forms the basis of much current research in fields such as, quantum computers, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, etc.. However, note that the sym- metrization principle, implemented e.g. through the Pauli exclusion princi- ple for fermions, is actually an extra postulate, imposed on what is believed to be the basic and essential quantum mechanics. So one may ask, whether there is an indistinguishabilty principle, which arises within a pure quan- tum mechanical framework. In this paper we show that indeed, this is true. Through a careful study of the quantum mechanics of deuteron, we show that there is a new hidden indistinguishability principle. This is indepedent of any entanglement principle or Pauli exclusion principle. This hidden in- distimguishability is manifested through a hidden ghost-like state.

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