20-81 A. Dynneson
Emergent Holographic Newtonian Gravity (754K, pdf) Sep 13, 20
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Abstract. This is a review of Verlinde's 2011 model of Emergent Gravity. I found that in certain cases the total energy system was negentropic. Repairing this leak led to a testable prediction that the universe is experiencing anisotropic cosmic expansion under the updated Newtonian emergent gravity model. I also addressed concerns raised in Gao's 2010 review of Verlinde's article. I also dove deeper into the information-theoretic foundations underpinning emergence. I proposed an original program for developing an explicit dimensional reduction algorithm for future work, which is currently missing from the theory. Further, by resolving EPR and quantum information-erasure, I further explain the explicit mechanism by which gravity acts.

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