20-80 Pavel Exner and Milos Tater
Spectral properties of spiral-shaped quantum waveguides (1543K, pdf) Sep 6, 20
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Abstract. We investigate properties of a particle confined to a hard-wall spiral-shaped region. As a case study we analyze in detail the Archimedean spiral for which the spectrum above the continuum threshold is absolutely continuous away from the thresholds. The subtle difference between the radial and perpendicular width implies, however, that in contrast to `less curved' waveguides, the discrete spectrum is empty in this case. We also discuss modifications such a multi-arm Archimedean spirals and spiral waveguides with a central cavity; in the latter case bound state already exist if the cavity exceeds a critical size. For more general spiral regions the spectral nature depends on whether they are `expanding' or `shrinking'. The most interesting situation occurs in the asymptotically Archimedean case where the existence of bound states depends on the direction from which the asymptotics is reached.

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