20-72 W. Jin, C. O'Hern, C. Radin, M. Shattuck, H. Swinney
Homogeneous crystallization in cyclically sheared frictionless grains (5156K, pdf) Aug 6, 20
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Abstract. Many experiments over the past half century have shown that, for a range of protocols, granular materials compact under pressure and repeated small disturbances. A recent experiment on cyclically sheared spherical grains showed significant compaction via homogeneous crystallization (Rietz et al., 2018). Here we present numerical simulations of frictionless, purely repulsive spheres undergoing cyclic simple shear with dissipative Newtonian dynamics at fixed vertical load. We show that for sufficiently small strain amplitudes, cyclic shear gives rise to homogeneous crystallization at a volume fraction phi = 0.646 \pm 0.001. This result indicates that neither friction nor gravity is essential for homogeneous crystallization in driven granular media.

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