20-67 Valeriy V. Dvoeglazov
Algebra of Discrete Symmetries in the Extended Poincare Group (184K, Pdf) Aug 3, 20
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Abstract. We begin with the comprehensible review of the basics of the Lorentz, (extended) Poincare Groups and O(3,2) and O(4,1). On the basis of the Gelfand-Tsetlin-Sokolik-Silagadze research~[1-3], we investigate the definitions of the discrete symmetry operators both on the classical level, and in the secondary-quantization scheme. We studied the physical content within several bases: light-front form formulation, helicity basis, angular momentum basis, on several practical examples. The conclusion is that we have ambiguities in the definitions of the the corresponding operators P, C; T, which lead to different physical consequences.

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