20-104 Walter H. Aschbacher
Heat flux in general quasifree fermionic right mover/left mover systems (697K, Pdf) Dec 21, 20
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Abstract. With the help of time-dependent scattering theory on the observable algebra of infinitely extended quasifree fermionic chains, we introduce a general class of so-called right mover/left mover states which are inspired by the nonequilibrium steady states for the prototypical nonequilibrium configuration of a finite sample coupled to two thermal reservoirs at different temperatures. Under the assumption of spatial translation invariance, we relate the 2-point operator of such a right mover/left mover state to the asymptotic velocity of the system and prove that the system is thermodynamically nontrivial in the sense that its entropy production rate is strictly positive. Our study of these not necessarily gauge-invariant systems covers and substantially generalizes well-known quasifree fermionic chains and opens the way for a more systematic analysis of the heat flux in such systems.

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