19-6 Hongyu Cheng, Rafael de la Llave
Stable Manifolds to Bounded Solutions in Possibly Ill-posed PDEs (821K, PDF) Jan 23, 19
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Abstract. We prove several results establishing existence and regularity of stable manifolds for different classes of special solutions for evolution equations (these equations may be ill-posed): a single specific solution, an invariant torus filled with quasiperiodic orbits or more general manifolds of solutions. In the later cases, which include several orbits, we also establish the invariant manifolds of an orbit depend smoothly on the orbit (analytically in the case of quasi-periodic orbits and finitely differentiably in the case of more general families). We first establish a general abstract theorem which, under suitable (spectral, non-degeneracy, analyticity) assumptions on the linearized equation, establishes the existence of the desired manifold. Then we present concrete applications of the abstract results to the ill-posed Boussinesq equation for long wave approximation of water waves and complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. Since the equations we consider may be ill-posed, part of the requirements for the stable manifold is that one can define the (forward) dynamics on them. Note also that the methods that are based in the existence of dynamics (such as graph transform) do not apply to ill-posed equation. We use the methods based on integral equations (Perron method) associated with the partial dynamics, but we need to take advantage of smoothing properties of the partial dynamics. Note that, even if the families of solutions we started with are finite dimensional, the stable manifolds may be infinite dimensional.

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