19-17 Diana Barseghyan and Pavel Exner
Spectral geometry in a rotating frame: properties of the ground state (206K, pdf) Feb 10, 19
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Abstract. We investigate spectral properties of the operator describing a quantum particle confined to a planar domain $\Omega$ rotating around a fixed point with an angular velocity $\omega$ and demonstrate several properties of its principal eigenvalue $\lambda_1^\omega$. We show that as a function of rotating center position it attains a unique maximum and has no other extrema provided the said position is unrestricted. Furthermore, we show that as a function $\omega$, the eigenvalue attains a maximum at $\omega=0$, unique unless $\Omega$ has a full rotational symmetry. Finally, we present an upper bound to the difference $\lambda_{1,\Omega}^\omega - \lambda_{1,B}^\omega$ where the last named eigenvalue corresponds to a disk of the same area as $\Omega$.

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