19-11 Alberto Lastra, Stephane Malek
On singularly perturbed linear initial value problems with mixed irregular and Fuchsian time singularities (677K, pdf) Jan 25, 19
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Abstract. We consider a family of linear singularly perturbed PDE relying on a complex perturbation parameter. As in a former study of the authors, our problem possesses an irregular singularity in time located at the origin but, in the present work, it entangles also differential operators of Fuchsian type acting on the time variable. As a new feature, a set of sectorial holomorphic solutions are built up through iterated Laplace transforms and Fourier inverse integrals following a classical multisummability procedure introduced by W. Balser. This construction has a direct issue on the Gevrey bounds of their asymptotic expansions w.r.t the perturbation parameter which are shown to bank on the order of the leading term which combines both irregular and Fuchsian types operators.

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