18-82 Alberto Lastra, Stephane Malek
On parametric Gevrey asymptotics for initial value problems with infinite order irregular singularity and linear fractional transforms (594K, pdf) Jul 19, 18
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Abstract. This paper is a continuation of a previous work of the authors where parametric Gevrey asymptotics for singularly perturbed nonlinear PDEs has been studied. Here, the partial differential operators are combined with particular Moebius transforms in the time variable. As a result, the leading term of the main problem needs to be regularized by means of a singularly perturbed infinite order formal irregular operator that allows us to construct a set of genuine solutions in the form of a Laplace transform in time and inverse Fourier transform in space. Furthermore, we obtain Gevrey asymptotic expansions for these solutions of some order larger than one in the perturbation parameter.

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