18-5 Henk W. Broer, Heinz Hanßmann, Florian Wagener
Persistence Properties of Normally Hyperbolic Tori (735K, PostScript) Jan 22, 18
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Abstract. Near-resonances between frequencies notoriously lead to small denominators when trying to prove persistence of invariant tori carrying quasi-periodic motion. In dissipative systems external parameters detuning the frequencies are needed so that Diophantine conditions can be formulated, which allow to solve the homological equation that yields a conjugacy between perturbed and unperturbed quasi-periodic tori. The parameter values for which the Diophantine conditions are not fulfilled form the so-called resonance gaps. Normal hyperbolicity can guarantee invariance of the perturbed tori, if not their quasi-periodicity, for larger parameter ranges. For a 1-dimensional parameter space this allows to close almost all resonance gaps.

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