17-84 Jiri Lipovsky, Vladimir Lotoreichik
Asymptotics of resonances induced by point interactions (692K, pdf) Aug 11, 17
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Abstract. We consider the resonances of the self-adjoint three-dimensional Schr\"odinger operator with point interactions of constant strength supported on the set $X = \{ x_n \}_{n=1}^N$. The size of $X$ is defined by $V_X = \max_{\pi\in\Pi_N} \sum_{n=1}^N |x_n - x_{\pi(n)}|$, where $\Pi_N$ is the family of all the permutations of the set $\{1,2,\dots,N\}$. We prove that the number of resonances counted with multiplicities and lying inside the disc of radius $R$ asymptotically behaves as $ rac{W_X}{\pi} R + \mathcal{O}(1)$ as $R o \infty$, where $W_X \in [0,V_X]$ is the effective size of $X$. Moreover, we show that there exist configurations of any number of points such that $W_X = V_X$. Finally, we construct an example for $N = 4$ with $W_X < V_X$, which can be viewed as an analogue of a non-Weyl quantum graph.

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