17-59 Pavel Exner, Alexey Kostenko, Mark Malamud, Hagen Neidhardt
Spectral Theory of Infinite Quantum Graphs (723K, pdf) May 5, 17
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Abstract. We investigate spectral properties of quantum graphs with infinitely many edges without the common restriction on the geometry of the underlying metric graph that there is a positive lower bound on the lengths of its edges. Our central result is a close connection between spectral properties of a quantum graph with Kirchhoff or, more generally, $\delta$-type couplings at vertices and the corresponding properties of a certain weighted discrete Laplacian on the underlying discrete graph. Using this connection together with spectral theory of (unbounded) discrete Laplacians on graphs, we prove a number of new results on spectral properties of quantum graphs. In particular, we prove several self-adjointness results including a Gaffney type theorem. We investigate the problem of lower semiboundedness, prove several spectral estimates (bounds for the bottom of spectra and essential spectra of quantum graphs, CLR-type estimates etc.) and also study spectral types of quantum graphs.

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