16-33 Luis Gonzalez-Mestres
Can matter accelerate the expansion of the Universe? (I) (278K, PDF) Apr 26, 16
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Abstract. To the present uncertainties of cosmological measurements, theoretical uncertainties should be added and their potential implications carefully explored. A significant example is provided by the possibility that the expanding cosmological vacuum releases energy in the form of standard matter and dark matter, thus modifying the dependence of the matter energy density with respect to the age and size of our Universe. In this case, if the matter energy density decreases more slowly than in standard cosmological patterns, it can naturally be at the origin of the observed acceleration of the expansion of the Universe without any need for dark energy and a cosmological constant. We illustrate this possible situation using the cosmology based on the spinorial space-time (SST) we introduced in 1996-97. Other scenarios leading to the same effect at the cosmic level are also briefly discussed. (Part I of a contribution to the ICNFP 2016 Conference, 6-14 July 2016)

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