15-90 Luis Gonzalez-Mestres
Quantum Mechanics, preonic vacuum and space-time contradiction (251K, PDF) Sep 3, 15
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Abstract. In a previous paper, we pointed out that the mathematical properties of a spinorial space-time (SST) can have strong implications for Quantum Mechanics and even be its real origin. In the example presented, the function of space-time associated to the extended internal structure of a standard spin-1/2 particle at very small distances turned out to be potentially incompatible with a continuous motion. Such an incompatibility would be due to the overlap in the time variable between internal structure functions, generated by continuous motion. Discrete motion enforced by vacuum dynamics can then lead to a situation close to that described by the Feynman path integral at larger scale distances. We discuss here this phenomenon on more general grounds, and emphasize that it can be present in a wide variety of preonic patterns involving new space-time geometries at the smallest scales inside the standard "elementary" particles. Potential experimental implications and checks of such an alternative to standard renormalization and Quantum Gravity are also briefly discussed.

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