15-30 Sterling K. Berberian
Translator's errata in Ch.9 of Bourbaki's "Integration" (293K, PDF uuencoded) Mar 31, 15
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Abstract. In my translation of Chapter 9 of Bourbaki's "Integration" (from the paperbound Fascicle XXXV of the author's "Elements de mathematique" [Hermann, Paris, 1969]) a number of references to "Topologie generale" (TG) that were translated to corresponding items in "General topology" (GT) turned out to be inadequate because GT was translated from a version of TG that was not the final version. The details of the errors thereby introduced, and how they came about, are chronicled on pages 10 and 20 of the document "Bourbaki's Integration: An overview" (item 11-169 of mp_arc). In brief, I count 10 references to GT that should have been to TG (more precisely, Volume II of the hardbound final version, published in 1974), whose Chapter 9, Section 6 generalizes key results to accomodate Souslin and Lusin spaces that are Hausdorff but no longer required to be metrizable (as they were in GT). The file int9err.pdf (217365 bytes) consists of 2 pages of errata, affecting 15 pages of the text, followed by what the 15 revised pages would look like if the proposed changes were carried out.

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