14-75 Muhammad Nadeem
Quantum non-locality, causality and mistrustful cryptography (231K, Pdf) Nov 17, 14
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Abstract. Here we propose a general relativistic quantum framework for mistrustful cryptography that exploits the fascinating connection of quantum non-locality and special theory of relativity with cryptography. The underlying principle of unconditional security is two-fold quantum non-local correlations: first entanglement swapping and then teleportation. The proposed framework has following remarkable and novel features. (i) Helps in defining a new notion of oblivious transfer where both the data transferred and the transfer position remain oblivious. (ii) The confidentiality and integrity of the data transferred is guaranteed by the actions of sender and receiver in their own secure laboratories instead of sending data over noisy channels. (iii) It directly leads to unconditionally secure and deterministic two-sided two-party computation which is currently considered to be impossible. (iv) the two-party computation turns out to be asynchronous ideal coin tossing with zero bias which has not been achieved previously. (v) The same framework implies unconditionally secure bit commitment. Finally, we conjecture here that the combination of quantum non-locality and theory of relativity as discussed here is complete and sufficient to solve all the mistrustful cryptographic tasks securely.

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