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Amadeu Delshams, Marina Gonchenko, Pere Guti rrez
Continuation of the exponentially small transversality for the splitting of separatrices to a whiskered torus with silver ratio
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ABSTRACT.  We study the exponentially small splitting of invariant manifolds of whiskered (hyperbolic) tori with two fast frequencies in nearly-integrable Hamiltonian systems whose hyperbolic part is given by a pendulum. We consider a torus whose frequency ratio is the silver number $\Omega=\sqrt{2}-1$. We show that the Poincar\'e--Melnikov method can be applied to establish the existence of 4 transverse homoclinic orbits to the whiskered torus, and provide asymptotic estimates for the tranversality of the splitting whose dependence on the perturbation parameter $arepsilon$ satisfies a periodicity property. We also prove the continuation of the transversality of the homoclinic orbits for all the sufficiently small values of~$arepsilon$, generalizing the results previously known for the golden number.