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Paul Federbush
Asymptotic Behavior of the Expectation Value of Permanent Products
(21K, LaTeX)

ABSTRACT.   We would desire to have done the calculations of this paper in the 
measure on nxn matrices that weights uniformly all 0-1 matrices with 
row and column sum equal to r, other matrices given weight zero. Instead 
we work with all matrices that are the sum of r independent uniformly 
weighted permutation matrices, with the hope that the computations we 
perform give the same result in this measure. We derive the result for 
limiting expectations 
lim (1/n)ln(E(perm_m(A) perm_m'(A))) =lim (1/n)ln(E(perm_m(A)))+ 
 +lim (1/n)ln(E(perm_m'(A))) 
Here the limit is n to infinity, r is fixed, and m and m' are taken as 
each proportional to n.