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Wolf Jung
Core entropy and biaccessibility of quadratic polynomials
(637K, pdf)

ABSTRACT.  For complex quadratic polynomials, the topology of the 
Julia set and the dynamics are understood from another perspective by 
considering the Hausdorff dimension of biaccessing angles and the core 
entropy: the topological entropy on the Hubbard tree. These quantities 
are related according to Thurston. Tiozzo [arXiv:1305.3542] has shown 
continuity on principal veins of the Mandelbrot set M . This result 
is extended to all veins here, and it is shown that continuity with 
respect to the external angle theta will imply continuity in the 
parameter c . Level sets of the biaccessibility dimension are 
described, which are related to renormalization. H\"older asymptotics 
at rational angles are found, confirming the H\"older exponent given 
by Bruin--Schleicher [arXiv:1205.2544]. Partial results towards local 
maxima at dyadic angles are obtained as well, and a possible 
self-similarity of the dimension as a function of the external angle is