13-87 Yueming Liu,Jianzhong Su,Zi-Jing Lin, Steven Teng, Aubrey Rhoden, Natee Pantong, and Hanli Liu
Reconstructions for continuous-wave diffuse optical tomography by a globally convergent method (1453K, PDF) Nov 2, 13
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Abstract. In this paper, a novel reconstruction method is presented for Near Infrared (NIR) 2-D imaging to recover optical absorption coefficients from laboratory phantom data. The main body of this work validates a new generation of highly efficient reconstruction algorithms called Globally Convergent Method (GCM) based upon actual measurements taken from brain-shape phantoms. It has been demonstrated in earlier studies using computer-simulated data that this type of reconstructions is highly efficient and stable for imaging complex distributions of optical absorption. The results in this paper demonstrate the excellent capability of GCM in working well with experimental data measured from optical phantoms mimicking a rat brain with stroke.

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