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Riccardo Adami, Maxime Hauray, Claudia Negulescu
Decoherence for a heavy particle interacting with a light one: new 
 analysis and numerics
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ABSTRACT.  We study the dynamics of a 
quantum heavy particle undergoing a repulsive interaction with a light 
one. The main motivation is the detailed description of the loss of 
coherence induced on a quantum system (in our model, the heavy particle) by 
the interaction with the environment (the light particle). 
The content of the paper is analytical and 
Concerning the analytical contribution, we show that an approximate description 
of the dynamics of the heavy particle can be carried out in two steps: first 
comes the interaction, then the free evolution. 
In particular, all effects of the interaction can be embodied in the 
action of a collision operator 
that acts on the initial state of the heavy particle. 
With respect to previous analytical results on the same topics, we 
turn our focus 
from the M{\o}ller wave operator to the full 
scattering operator, whose analysis proves to be simpler. 
Concerning the numerical contribution, 
we exploit the previous analysis to construct an efficient numerical scheme 
that turns the original, multiscale, two-body problem in two 
one-body problems 
which can be solved separately. This leads to a considerable gain in 
simulation time. We present and interpret some simulations carried out on specific 
one-dimensional systems by using the new scheme. 
Finally, we propose a new description of the mechanism of 
decoherence induced by scattering: decoherence is produced by 
an interference-free bump which arises from the 
initial state of the heavy particle immediately after the collision. 
 We support such a picture by numerical evidence as well as 
by an approximation theorem.