13-56 Amadeu Delshams, Rafael de la llave, Tere M.-Seara
Instability of high dimensional Hamiltonian Systems: Multiple resonances do not impede diffusion. (751K, pdf) Jun 17, 13
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Abstract. We consider models given by Hamiltonians of the form \[ H(I, p, p, q, t; \ep) = h(I) + \sum_{j = 1}^n \pm\left( rac{1}{2} p_j^2 + V_j(q_j) ight) + \ep Q(I, p, p, q, t; \ep) \] where $I \in \II \subset eal ^{d}, p \in orus^d$, $p, q \in eal^n$, $t \in orus^1$. These are higher dimensional analogues, both in the center and hyperbolic directions, of the models studied in

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