13-51 A. Lastra, S. Malek, C. Stenger
On complex singularity analysis for some linear partial differential equations in C^3 (558K, pdf) Jun 6, 13
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Abstract. We investigate the existence of local holomorphic solutions Y of linear partial differential equations in three complex variables whose coefficients are holomorphic on some polydisc in C^2 outside some singular set S. The coefficients are written as linear combinations of powers of a solution X of some first order nonlinear partial differential equation following an idea we have initiated in a previous work. The solutions Y are shown to develop singularities along S with estimates of exponential type depending on the growth's rate of X near the singular set. We construct these solutions with the help of series of functions with infinitely many variables which involve derivatives of all orders of X in one variable. Convergence and bounds estimates of these series are studied using a majorant series method which leads to an auxiliary functional equation that contains differential operators in infinitely many variables. Using a fixed point argument, we show that these functional equations actually have solutions in some Banach spaces of formal power series.

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