13-47 H.D. Cornean, V. Moldoveanu, C.-A. Pillet
On the steady state correlation functions of open interacting systems (762K, pdf) May 19, 13
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Abstract. We address the existence of steady state Green-Keldysh correlation functions of interacting fermions
in mesoscopic systems for both the partitioning and partition-free scenarios. Under some spectral 
assumptions on the non-interacting model and for sufficiently small interaction strength, we show that 
the system evolves to a NESS which does not depend on the profile of the time-dependent 
coupling strength/bias. For the partitioned setting we also show that the steady state is independent 
of the initial state of the inner sample. Closed formulae for the NESS two-point correlation functions 
(Green-Keldysh functions), in the form of a convergent expansion, are derived. In the partitioning 
approach, we show that the 0th order term in the interaction strength of the charge current 
leads to the Landauer-Buettiker formula, while the 1st order correction contains the 
mean-field (Hartree-Fock) results.

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