13-21 Christian Corda
Non-strictly black body spectrum from the tunnelling mechanism (26K, Latex) Mar 1, 13
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Abstract. A modern and largely used approach to obtain Hawking radiation is the tunnelling mechanism. However, in various papers in the literature, the analysis concerned almost only to obtain the Hawking temperature through a comparison of the probability of emission of an outgoing particle with the Boltzmann factor. In a interesting and well written paper, Banerjee and Majhi improved the approach, by explicitly finding a black body spectrum associated with black holes. On the other hand, this result, which has been obtained by using a reformulation of the tunnelling mechanism, is in contrast which the remarkable result by Parikh and Wilczek, that, indeed, found a probability of emission which is compatible with a non-strictly thermal spectrum. By using our recent introduction of an effective state for a black hole, here we solve such a contradiction, through a slight modification of the analysis by Banerjee and Majhi. The final result will be a non-strictly black body spectrum from the tunnelling mechanism.

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