13-11 Pavel Exner, Jiri Lipovsky
Resonances on hedgehog manifolds (1022K, pdf) Feb 21, 13
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Abstract. We discuss resonances for a nonrelativistic and spinless quantum particle confined to a two- or three-dimensional Riemannian manifold to which a finite number of semiinfinite leads is attached. Resolvent and scattering resonances are shown to coincide in this situation. Next we consider the resonances together with embedded eigenvalues and ask about the high-energy asymptotics of such a family. For the case when all the halflines are attached at a single point we prove that all resonances are in the momentum plane confined to a strip parallel to the real axis, in contrast to the analogous asymptotics in some metric quantum graphs; we illustrate it on several simple examples. On the other hand, the resonance behaviour can be influenced by a magnetic field. We provide an example of such a `hedgehog' manifold at which a suitable Aharonov-Bohm flux leads to absence of any true resonance, i.e. that corresponding to a pole outside the real axis.

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