12-80 Syed Afsar Abbas
The Standard Model is a Complete Theory in itself and Quantum Electrodynamics is mathematically and physically a self-consistent theory (26K, LATEX) Aug 1, 12
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Abstract. Due to the possible existence of the Landau Pole ( or Moscow Zero ) it is commonly believed that Quantum Electrodynamics is mathematically an inconsistent theory. However for a theory which has been eulogized by Feynman as the "jewel of physics", the above statement is rather unpalatable. Indeed, on the basis of a careful study of the intrinsic structure of the Standard Model, we show here as to how the Landau Pole problem is solved. In Quantum Electrodynamics, we show as to what the bare mass and the bare charge actually are. Now these bare quantities play their proper role within the renormalized mass and the renormalized charge respectively. We shall then demonstrate as to how Quantum Electrodynamics is fully self-consistent both physically and mathematically. This work thus shows that the Standard Model is a Complete Theory in itself and that it is this that generates the QED. Thus QED is a secondary theory. It is therefore shown that all putative extensions for unification beyond the Standard Model, like the GUTs, the Supersymmetric extensions etc are inconsistent with the Standard Model and hence are ruled out.

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