12-76 L. Bruneau, V. Jaksic, C.-A. Pillet
Landauer-Buettiker formula and Schroedinger conjecture (291K, pdf) Jul 16, 12
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Abstract. We study the entropy flux in the stationary state of a finite one-dimensional sample S connected at its left and right ends to two infinitely extended reservoirs at distinct temperatures T1, T2 and chemical potentials mu1, mu2. The sample is a free lattice Fermi gas confined to a box [0, L] with energy operator -\Delta + v. The Landauer-Buettiker formula expresses the steady state entropy flux in the coupled system in terms of scattering data. We study the behavior of this steady state entropy flux in the limit L->infinity and relate persistence of transport to norm bounds on the transfer matrices of the limiting half-line Schroedinger operator h. A natural conjecture is that the set of energies at which transport persists in this limit is precisely the essential support of the absolutely continuous spectrum of h. We show that this conjecture is equivalent to the Schroedinger conjecture in spectral theory of one-dimensional Schroedinger operators, thus giving a physically appealing interpretation to the Schroedinger conjecture.

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