12-68 Syed Afsar Abbas
The enigmatic neutrinos (65K, latex) Jun 10, 12
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Abstract. We do a careful and consistent study of what masses and mass-mixing between different generations actually means in the Standard Model. We are thus led to a new complementary "Pure Weak Group" basis structure. This allows one to obtain a more basic understanding of wherefrom the wave-corpuscle duality actually arises in quantum mechanics. We show that it is the gauge symmetries, which determine not only the fundamental interactions in particle physics, but is is these that are also the cause of the wave-corpuscle duality in quantum mechanics. We also find a mathematical reason as to why only three generations of particles exist in nature. The wave-corpuscle duality manifests itself differently for the neutrinos. Their corpuscular character demands that they have zero inertial mass and travel with the velocity of light and simultaneously and dually to it, as a wave, they oscillate and have a non-zero and a different "gravitational" mass and which makes them travel superluminally. Hence it is a clear prediction of our model that neutrinos, in a pure oscillation mode, travel with velocites greater than that of light. Also the neutrinos, having a non-zero gravitational mass and zero-inertial mass, become an ideal candidate to be the Dark Matter of the universe.

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