12-60 A. Lastra, S. Malek, J. Sanz
Continuous right inverses for the asymptotic Borel map in ultraholomorphic classes via a Laplace-type transform (231K, pdf) May 17, 12
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Abstract. A new construction of linear continuous right inverses for the asymptotic Borel map is provided in the framework of general Carleman ultraholomorphic classes in narrow sectors. Such operators were already obtained by V. Thilliez by means of Whitney extension results for non quasianalytic ultradifferentiable classes, due to J. Chaumat and A. M. Chollet, but our approach is completely different, resting on the introduction of a suitable truncated Laplace-type transform. This technique is better suited for a generalization of these results to the several variables setting. Moreover, it closely resembles the classical procedure in the case of Gevrey classes, so indicating the way for the introduction of a concept of summability which generalizes k-summability theory as developed by J. P. Ramis.

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