12-55 Rafael de la Llave, Hector E. Lomeli
Invariant manifolds for analytic difference equations (680K, pdf) May 15, 12
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Abstract. We use a modification of the parameterization method to study invariant manifolds for difference equations. We establish existence, regularity, smooth dependence on parameters and study several singular limits, even if the difference equations do not define a dynamical system. This method also leads to efficient algorithms that we present with their implementations. The manifolds we consider include not only the classical strong stable and unstable manifolds but also manifolds associated to non-resonant spaces. When the difference equations are the Euler-Lagrange equations of a discrete variational we present sharper results. Note that, if the Legendre condition fails, the Euler-Lagrange equations can not be treated as a dynamical system. If the Legendre condition becomes singular, the dynamical system may be singular while the difference equation remains regular. We present numerical applications to several examples in the physics literature: the Frenkel-Kontorova model with long-range interactions and the Heisenberg model of spin chains with a perturbation. We also present extensions to finite differentiable difference equations.

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