12-42 J.-B. Bru and W. de Siqueira Pedra
Microscopic Foundations of the Meissner Effect -- Thermodynamic Aspects (404K, pdf) Apr 27, 12
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Abstract. We analyze the Meissner effect from first principles of quantum mechanics. We show in particular the existence of superconducting states minimizing the magnetic free--energy of a BCS--like model and carrying surface currents which annihilate the total magnetic induction inside the bulk in the thermodynamic limit. This study is a step towards a complete explanation of the Mei{\ss }ner effect from a microscopic model. It remains indeed to prove that those states are dynamically stable, i.e., quasi--stationary at low temperatures. Note that our analysis shows that the Meissner effect is not necessarily related to an effective magnetic susceptibility equal to $-1$.

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