12-119 Syed Afsar Abbas
What has been discovered at 125 GeV by the CMS and the ATLAS experiments? (19K, LATEX) Oct 10, 12
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Abstract. While looking for the putative Higgs boson of the Standard Model of particle physics, recently, the CMS and the ATLAS experiments at CERN have found strong signals of a new particle at about 125 GeV. However the decay channels of this particle had some unexpected and puzzling anomalies not explainable by the Standard Model. Here we show that what they have found at 125 GeV is the long sought for and the missing ingredient of the strong interaction - the sigma-meson of the Chiral Sigma Model, within the framework of the Skyrme model with a topological interpretation of the baryons. Just as a massless gauge boson is a requirement and hence a prediction of the local gauge theories; in the the same manner, a very heavy scalar meson is a requirement and hence a prediction of the Skyrme model of the hadrons. The 125 GeV particle discovered by the CMS and the ATLAS groups is an experimental confirmation of this unique prediction of the topological Skyrme model.

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