11-90 Marius Mantoiu
On the Essential Spectrum of Phase-Space Anisotropic Pseudodifferential Operators (459K, pdf) Jun 13, 11
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Abstract. A phase-space anisotropic operator in H=L^2(R^n) is a self-adjoint operator whose resolvent family belongs to a natural $C^*$-completion of the space of H\"ormander symbols of order zero. Equivalently, each member of the resolvent family is norm-continuous under conjugation with the Schr\"odinger unitary representation of the Heisenberg group. The essential spectrum of such a phase-space anisotropic operator is the closure of the union of usual spectra of all its "phase-space asymptotic localizations", obtained as limits over diverging ultrafilters of R^{2n}-translations of the operator. The result extends previous analysis of the purely configurational anisotropic operators, for which only the behavior at infinity in R^n was allowed to bo non-trivial.

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