11-165 Luis Gonzalez-Mestres
WMAP, Planck, cosmic rays and unconventional cosmologies (99K, PDF) Oct 28, 11
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Abstract. The claim by Gurzadyan et al. that the cosmological sky is a weakly random one where "the random perturbation is a minor component of mostly regular signal" has given rise to a series of useful exchanges. The possibility that the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) data present trends in this direction would have strong implications for unconventional cosmologies. Similarly, data on ultra-high energy cosmic rays may contain signatures from new physics generated beyond the Planck scale. It therefore seems legitimate, from a phenomenological point of view, to consider pre-Big Bang cosmologies as well as patterns where standard particles would not be the ultimate constituents of matter and the presently admitted principles of Physics would not necessarily be the fundamental ones. We discuss here prospects for some noncyclic, nonstandard cosmologies.

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