11-138 Maikel Bosschaert, Heinz Hanßmann
Bifurcations in Hamiltonian systems with a reflecting symmetry (3720K, PostScript (gzipped and uuencoded)) Oct 3, 11
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Abstract. A reflecting symmetry q \mapsto -q of a Hamiltonian system does not leave the symplectic structure { m d} q \wedge { m d } p invariant and is therefore usually associated with a reversible Hamiltonian system. However, if q \mapsto -q leads to H \mapsto -H , then the equations of motion are invariant under the reflection. Such a symmetry imposes strong restrictions on equilibria with q = 0 . We study the possible bifurcations triggered by a zero eigenvalue and describe the simplest bifurcation triggered by non-zero eigenvalues on the imaginary axis.

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