11-115 J. Lee Montag
Spontaneously Broken Conformal Symmetry and the Standard Model (60K, .doc) Aug 15, 11
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Abstract. In the following note, we recover a spontaneously broken local conformal symmetry in the Standard Model coupled to Gravity. This requires the introduction of the Dilaton Scalar which we will identify with the real part of the local SU(2) Higgs Boson. By spontaneously breaking the conformal symmetry and decoupling gravity in the weak field limit, all of the gauge invariences of the Standard Model are recovered rendering the Higgs field pure gauge. In this way, the masses for the gauge bosons and matter fields are recovered, and the resulting theory is can be proven renormalizable in the standard way due to the preservation of the local Yang-Mills gauge symmetries. The non-renormalizability of the pure gravity sector supports the conjecture that the quantum field theory is only well defined on the tangent space of the curved manifold.

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