10-58 E. Brian Davies, Pavel Exner, Jiri Lipovsky
Non-Weyl asymptotics for quantum graphs with general coupling conditions (324K, pdf) Apr 6, 10
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Abstract. Inspired by a recent result of Davies and Pushnitski, we study resonance asymptotics of quantum graphs with general coupling conditions at the vertices. We derive a criterion for the asymptotics to be of a non-Weyl character. We show that for balanced vertices with permutation-invariant couplings the asymptotics is non-Weyl only in case of Kirchhoff or anti-Kirchhoff conditions, while for graphs without permutation numerous examples of non-Weyl behaviour can be constructed. Furthermore, we present an insight helping to understand what makes the Kirchhoff/anti-Kirchhoff coupling particular from the resonance point of view. Finally, we demonstrate a generalization to quantum graphs with nonequal edge weights.

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